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Chess Openings Viewer  Spanish version
This searcher gets the data from the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings code list.

It's possible to get data by three ways:

- Entering the name or part of the name of the chess opening (3 letters min) and clicking 'Search by name'. The results will show the openings whose name contains the text (Ej. Sicilian).

- Entering the ECO code of the opening (from A00 to E99). The results will show the openings that belongs to the entered code (Ej. B20).

- Selecting an opening from the overview of the ECO list. The results will show the openings that belongs to the entered code/s.

A - Irregular Openings, English Opening and others

B - Sicilian and other SemiOpen Defenses

C - French Defense and Open Games

D - Queen's Pawn, Queen's Gambit and Grunfeld Defense

E - Indian Defenses and Catalan Opening

A00     Irregular Openings
A01     Larsen Attack
A02-A03     Bird Opening
  A03           Dutch Variant
A04-A09     King's Indian Attack
A10     English Opening
A11-A12     Reti Opening
A13-A39     English Opening
  A17           Hedgehog Variant
  A20-A29           Sicilian Reversed
  A30-A31           Hedgehog Variant
  A32-A39           Symmetrical Variant
A40     Englund Gambit
A41-A42     Modern Defense
A43-A44     Old Benoni Defense
A45     Trompovsky Attack
A46     Queen's Pawn Game
A47     Queen's Indian Defense
A48-A49     King's Indian, Torre Attack
A50     Queen's Indian Defense
A51-A52     Budapest Gambit
  A52           Main Line
A53-A55     Old Indian Defense
A56     Czech Benoni Defense
A57-A59     Benko (Volga) Gambit
  A58           Accepted
A60-A79     Modern Benoni Defense
A80-A99     Dutch Defense
  A82           Staunton Gambit
  A83           Main Line
  A87-A90           Leningrad
B00     Nimzowitsch Defense; Owens Defense
B01     Scandinavian Defense
B02-B05     Alekhine Defense
  B03           Four Pawns Attack
B06     Modern Defense
B07-B09     Pirc Defense
  B08           Classic Variant
  B09           Austrian Attack
B10-B19     Caro-Kann Defense
  B11           Two Knights Variant
  B12           Advance Variant
  B14           Panov Attack
B20-B99     Sicilian Defense
  B21           Morra Gambit; Grand Prix Attack
  B22           Alapin Variant
  B23-B26           Closed Variant
  B29           Rubinstein Variant
  B30-B31           Rossolimo Variant
  B32           Lowenthal Variant
  B33           Sveshnikov Variant
  B34-B39           Accelerated Dragon Variant
    B37-B38                 Maroczy Bind
  B40           Counter Attack Variant
  B41-B49           Paulsen Variant
    B41-B43                 Kan System
    B44                 Taimanov System
    B45                 Classic System
    B46-B47                 Taimanov System
  B50           Kopec Variant
  B51-B52           Rossolimo Variant
  B53           Hungarian Variant
  B55           Anti-Dragon Variant
  B57           Sozin-Benko Variant
  B58           Boleslavsky Variant
  B60-B69           Richter Rauzer Attack
  B70-B79           Dragon Variant
    B72                 Classic System
    B76-B78                 Yugoslav Attack
  B80-B89           Scheveningen Variant
    B81                 Keres System
    B86-B87                 Fischer/Sozin System
  B90-B99           Najdorf System
    B96                 Goteborg System
    B97                 Poisoned Pawn System
C00-C20     French Defense
  C01           Exchange Variant
  C02           Advance Variant
  C03-C09           Tarrasch Variant
    C03                 3.... a6 System
    C04                 3.... Nc6 System
    C05-C06                 3.... Nf6 System
    C07-C09                 3.... c5 System
  C10           Rubinstein Variant
  C11           Steinitz Variant
  C12           MacCutcheon Variant
  C15-C20           Winawer Variant
    C15                 Lapus Manus System
    C17                 Swiss System
    C18                 Main Line
    C20                 Exchange System
C21     Nordic Gambit
C22     Centre Game
C23-C24     Bishop's Opening
C25-C29     Vienna Game
C30-C39     King's Gambit
  C31-C32           Falkbeer Counter Gambit
  C33           Keres Variant
  C35           Cunningham Variant
  C36           Modern Variant
  C37           Muzio Gambit
  C38           Greco and Philidor Gambits
  C39           Allagier and Kiesertisky Gambits
C40     Latvian Gambit
C41     Philidor Defense
C42-C43     Russian (Petrov) Defense
C44     Ponziani Opening
C45     Scotch Game
C46     Three Knights Game
C47-C49     Four Knights Game
C50-C59     Italian (Guioco Piano) Game
  C50           Hungarian Defense
  C51-C52           Evans Gambit
  C55           Two Knights Defense
  C56           Max Lange Attack
  C57-C59           Two Knights Defense
C60-C99     Ruy Lopez (Spanish) Opening
  C61           Bird Defense
  C62           Old Steinitz Defense
  C63           Schliemann Gambit
  C64           Cordel Defense
  C65           Berlin Defense
  C66           Modern Steinitz Defense
  C67           Rio de Janeiro Defense
  C68-C69           Exchange Variant
  C71-C76           Modern Steinitz Defense
  C77           Anderssen Variant
  C78           Archangelsk Variant; Moeller Attack
  C79           Russian Variant
  C80-C83           Open Variant
    C80                 Bernstein System
    C81                 Keres System
    C83                 Main Line
  C84           Centre Attack
  C85           Exchange Variant Doubly Deferred
  C86           Worral Attack
  C88           Marshall Gambit
  C92           Zaitsev Variant
  C93           Smyslov Variant
  C94-C95           Breyer Variant
  C96-C99           Tchigorin Defense
D00     Queen's Pawn Game
D01     Veresov Attack
D02     Gruenfeld Reversed Opening
D03     Torre Attack, Tartakower Variant
D04     Queen's Pawn Game
D05     Colle System
D06-D69     Queen's Gambit
  D07           Tchigorin Variant
  D08-D09           Albin Counter Gambit
  D10-D19           Slav Defense
    D14                 Exchange Variant
    D15                 Geller Gambit
    D17                 Czech Defense
    D18                 Main Line
    D19                 Euwe System
  D20-D29           Accepted
    D21                 Borsenko-Furman System
  D30-D69           Declined
    D31                 Alatortsev System
    D32-D33                 Tarrasch System
    D34                 Rubinstein System
    D35-D36                 Exchange System
    D37                 5.Bf4 System
    D38-D39                 Ragozin Defense
    D40-D42                 Semi-Tarrasch Defense
    D43                 Semi-Slav Defense
    D44-D45                 Anti-Merano Defense
    D46                 Semi-Slav Defense
    D47-D49                 Meran Defense
    D51-D52                 Cambridge Springs Defense
    D53-D54                 Orthodox Defense
    D55                 Anti-Tartakower System
    D56                 Lasker System
    D57                 Modern System
    D58-D59                 Tartakower System
    D60-D62                 Orthodox Defense
    D63-D66                 Blackburne System
    D67                 Capablanca System
    D68                 Blackburne System
D70-D99     Grunfeld Defense
  D71           Neo-Grunfeld Variant
  D76           Fianchetto Orthodox Variant
  D79           Slav Variant
  D82-D84           Bf4 System
  D85           Modern Exchange Variant
  D87           Botvinnik Exchange Variant
  D89           Exchange Variant
  D93           Bg3 System
  D94-D95           Closed Variant
  D96           Russian Variant
  D97           Ragozin (Classic) Variant
  D99           Ragozin (Smyslov) Variant
E00-E09     Catalan Opening
  E04-E05           Open Variant
  E06-E09           Closed Variant
E10     Blumenfeld Gambit
E11     Bogo-Indian Defense
E12-E19     Queen's Indian Defense
  E15           Accelerated Fianchetto Variant
  E16           BogoIndian Variant
E20-E59     Nimzo-Indian Defense
  E24-E29           Saemisch Variant
  E30-E31           Leningrad Variant
  E32-E39           Classic Variant
  E41-E42           Huebner Variant
  E43-E46           Nimzowitsch Variant
  E47-E49           Rubinstein Variant
  E50-E59           Modern Variant
E60-E99     King's Indian Defense
  E62-E70           Fianchetto Variant
    E62-E63                 Panno System
    E65-E66                 Yugoslav System
  E73-E74           Averbach Variant
  E76-E79           Four Pawns Variant
  E80-E89           Classic Variant
    E81                 Saemisch (Byrne) System
    E83                 Panov System
  E92           Exchange Variant
  E93           Petrosian Variant
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